First, I’d like to welcome you to my website! Writing this intro was a bit difficult for me to say the least, having come from a north sea heritage of not drawing too much attention to yourself (conceit). How do you talk about yourself and not come off without a gift-to-the-world image?
Anyway, here goes………

I was born into a family of electricians, and as most children from my youth, took on the family business. My father had worked for many years as an electrician, from California during WWII, to Wyoming, and finally to Sheldon, IA. My entry into the family business became official in 1964. In 1968 I was given my first shot at bidding and running a government project. I learned quite a lot from that experience, and met a lot of great engineers, electricians, and construction people in the process.

I was approached by Bob DeZeew in 1980 about teaching at Northwest Iowa Community College (then Northwest Iowa Technical College). I was unsure if I was up to it, but I took the offer, and 23 years later they offered me an early retirement option that would allow me to move full time into Business and Industry training.

Many of us trade and technology people used to do seminars for such places as IAMs, Northern Natural Gas, Rosenboom Machine and tool, etc. at night, on weekends, or during vacations. It was fun, but trying. Little did I know then that I was laying the groundwork for what has become my vocation today – Electrical training for Business and Industry.